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Clients come to Travel Time overwhelmed with the many options for travel destinations. Many are unsure about which option to choose to ensure they get value for their money. Particularly when organizing a wedding or a honeymoon, it’s vital that every detail is looked after.

Travel Time stands apart. Offering premium service for luxury holiday experiences, Travel Time agents have been recognized in their field due to their intimate knowledge of the industry, professional relationships, and outstanding customer service.

Unfortunately, many travel agents don’t offer the same peace of mind.

Imagine you finally get time off of work to travel.

You’ve done some research and decided to talk to a travel agent about possible destinations for your holidays. After a couple recommendations of the resorts to go to, you choose one that the travel agent refers to as “a resort with a reasonable reputation and very competitive pricing”.

Now you’ve booked tickets for your visit to a resort that was highly recommended by a no-name brand travel agent in the mall. It was at a great price. In fact, it was almost less than what you were expecting.

After arriving at the resort you find out that your definition of “reasonable” and the travel agent’s definition of “reasonable” were totally different.

You spend a week constantly accommodating shortcomings in the service on the resort, in the offerings, in cleanliness, or a myriad of other things. You expected a top notch experience, but what you get is a lackluster vacation where you spend half the time wishing you had made another choice.

There are people who have had these experiences, and through our years in the business we’ve heard many such horror stories of a holiday gone wrong.

At Travel Time AZ we understand that what you want is relaxing, hassle-free travel at reasonable prices without compromising on luxury.
This is where Travel Time’s reputation shines.

Founded in 2005, Travel Time was originally a single-agent franchise that grew quickly to become one of the travel agencies that’s most highly regarded by luxury brands such as Sandals Resorts.

Remember the travel agent in the mall we talked about earlier, the one who booked the less-than-satisfactory resort? Maybe it wasn’t the agent’s fault.

A lot of travel agents don’t actually visit the destinations that they book for their clients.

Travel Time agents regularly visit the resorts they book for clients. They know each of them very well. Each resort has its unique characteristics and offerings, so it’s important to know the resorts before booking your trip.

This is something that sets Travel Time apart from other agencies. Not only have we visited the resorts and make appropriate recommendations, but we make sure we’re aware of updates on the resorts to the best of our abilities, allowing our clients to always make informed decisions.

Not only that, but by visiting the resort we get to know the people who work on the resorts and we maintain contact with them.

Travel Time’s relationships in the industry ensure that we surpass the expectations of our clients.

A benefit of our relationships in the travel industry allows us to advocate on behalf of our clients in the rare case that a holiday trip doesn’t go as planned. We know who to call and what to say to get things resolved, so you can go relax and enjoy your holiday.

Travel Time AZ is a branch of a franchise of Travel Professionals International. This affiliation gives us access to the very best opportunities in the business, enabling us to meet (and surpass) client expectations time after time. Special requests in emergencies have been fulfilled in the past, because of our strong connection with personnel on each resort. It’s just nice to have a little something extra.

Through our years of work in the industry, we’ve been recognized with over 30 awards, and we have more certifications and specializations to boot! We’d love to post about each of them here, but it would be too tiresome to read the full list!

To touch on a few of them, we’ve been a member of the Sandals Royal Chairman’s Club since its beginning (actually we were around before they even started giving out this award!).

We are also:

• a Sandals Preferred Agency
• Certified WeddingMoon Specialists
• Certified Sandals Specialists
• Members of the Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Planners Association
• Certified Destination Wedding, Honeymoon, and Romance Travel Specialists
• Virtuoso Members

We also have BBB accreditation.

At Travel Time we take pride in providing superior service and constantly improving ourselves to offer the very best for the families and couples that we serve. Whether honeymooners, bride and groom, or celebrating a 50 year anniversary, our clients are special and they deserve the very best.

it’s about peace of mind

Our relationships and expertise ensure you get value for your money when it comes time for a vacation, while you rest easy knowing you have someone on your side to advocate for you, guide you in your decisions, and save you the time of researching your options.

We ensure you can relax and have every detail taken care of, because we do the legwork of the research and booking your dream holiday for any occasion, whether it be a honeymoon trip, a destination wedding, anniversary celebration, or family vacation.

Talk to the experts. Contact us today or see the destinations that we love to book for our clients.

Skip the headache. That’s not what vacations are for.