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  • What makes Sandals so special?

    What makes Sandals so special?

    They’re right, you know. Sandals® resorts really do live up to the hype. Imagine yourself surrounded by turquoise Caribbean water, white sand, bright green tropical leaves, and exotic birdsongs. Craving a vacation yet? Or do you find traveling to the Caribbean islands a bit intimidating? I don’t blame you. One of the unfortunate facts of…

  • 10 Holiday Perks you get on a Sandals® Resort

    10 Holiday Perks you get on a Sandals® Resort

    I think we’ll both agree… The decision to finally take time off for a vacation is a no-brainer to anyone who has the time and opportunity. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but if you can spring for a little more than a budget holiday, you can end up receiving far more value than the…

  • The Scottsdale Bridal Expo

    The Scottsdale Bridal Expo

    First off, before we get talking about the Scottsdale Bridal Expo, let’s start with a bit of trivia. What is the most popular month for a wedding in America? A Spring or early summer wedding has long been the traditional favorite in the western world because of the symbolism of new beginnings and the abundance…

  • All about Virtuoso

    All about Virtuoso

    Recently we had an exciting event that I’d like to tell you about! We were meeting with Virtuoso suppliers. Why is that so exciting, you ask? Well, we’ll talk a little bit more about how the event went later. For now, I’d like to fill you all in on Virtuoso. Virtuoso sets a clear divide…

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