Private Cabana at Sandals Resorts

10 Holiday Perks you get on a Sandals® Resort

I think we’ll both agree…

The decision to finally take time off for a vacation is a no-brainer to anyone who has the time and opportunity.

It doesn’t need to be expensive, but if you can spring for a little more than a budget holiday, you can end up receiving far more value than the lowest price vacation.

Here are the top reasons we love traveling to Sandals® Resorts, and we think you will too!

1. Experience the pleasant temperatures of the tropics.

Sandals Montego Bay Resort
Here in the valley area of Phoenix, temperatures range from perfect to downright horrid. Around the country there are pleasant times of the year and there are not-so-pleasant times of the year, and it’s something we all accept.

I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to wake up in the morning on a Sandals® resort and walk to the breakfast hall with a tropical breeze floating through the palm branches, and through the trees you can see the ocean waves on the beach.

2. See the ocean blue!

Ranging from beautiful turquoise to deep, rich, royal blue, time spent around and near the ocean is always refreshing. Perhaps you’d like taking in the ocean from the beach, lounging on chairs under a cabana or lying on a towel with your toes in the sand. Or maybe you want to wade into the water to cool off. Perhaps you’re ready to go “all in” with a scuba or snorkel adventure.

You’ll find it all on a Sandals® resort!

3. Countless entertainment options.

On land, there’s plenty to see and do as well.

Sandals® offers theme nights with beach parties, Brazilian dancers and “White Night” as well as relaxed nights at a British pub found on the resort (complete with darts competitions).

There are live music shows and contests all over the resorts, as well. You’ll find a schedule of events upon entering your room and you can take in as much (or as little) as you want!

4. Meet new people.

All around the resort, you’ll find plenty of people enjoying their vacation, and there are lots of opportunities to meet other guests. There are group aerobics classes, pool volleyball, zumba, and group classes such as scuba diving where you interact with guests and get to know one another.

Guests of ours have come back with friends from other parts of the world that they stay in touch with for years after having met on a resort. It’s truly a unique experience!

5. You can have as much privacy as you want.

Private Cabana at Sandals Resorts

While there are lots of chances to mix and mingle with other guests, as we’ve already seen, what about when you want privacy?

The rooms you book at Sandals resorts are perfect for when you want to retire somewhere private to rest or spend some quality time together. Many rooms have private balconies with spectacular views, and you can select a room category with a living room complete with comfortable couches for a calm time alone.

There are other ways to find privacy, though!

Around the pools and on the beach, Sandals® has private cabanas with curtains around deck chairs for you to lounge and relax on. This is one of the best experiences on a Sandals® resort, as far as we’re concerned. True relaxation!

6. You only unpack once!

I have travelled on many tours and multi-destination trips. One of the pain points is packing, unpacking, carrying your luggage and then asking yourself where did I put my…?

When you unpack on a resort, it is in the luxurious room that you can call home for the length of your trip. You get to keep your things in drawers and a closet, just like at home.

Has anyone ever really wanted to live out of a suitcase?

7. Eat unlimited, amazing food!

Sandals Resorts Restaurants
Ah, the food.

It’s hard to explain just how exquisite the food is. There are countless restaurants around the resorts, there are dining halls and buffets and sushi restaurants and steakhouses and French bistros and bakeries.

Everything you could ever want is available.

Also, room service!

To top it all off, resorts will have a “chocolate buffet” night, where the best dessert chefs in the Caribbean put on an amazing show of crafting artisan chocolate. You’ll get photo opportunities and then you’ll get to enjoy some of the best desserts you’ve ever tasted!

8. You get someone to clean up after you!

Everyone’s favourite part of their annual holiday is cleaning up after yourself, right!?


When you’re abroad, your time is precious and you want to make the most of it. Sandals resorts have full-time cleaners operating around the clock. Your bed will always be made and everything will be clean and dust-free. A small perk but nice none-the-less.

9. You never worry about directions.

When you’re on the resort, you’ll find everything you need. Restaurants, entertainment, exercise opportunities, social events, adventures (rock climbing and scuba diving, for example) and more. You don’t need to leave the resort for anything.

Off-resort excursions are available, though! You can talk to on-resort experts of the area who will help you coordinate an excursion to do scuba diving in a more remote location, visit a nearby town, or see some local tourist attractions.

The possibilities are endless, and you don;t have to stress about how to get there or doing any research yourself!

10. You can travel without the kids (or with them).

This may seem like a small deal to some, but I promise it’s a great perk.

When you’re traveling to a Sandals® resort, you get to ask someone to look after the kids because “they’re not allowed at the resort”. It’s the perfect reason to ask the grandparents to look after the kids for a week!

If you do want to travel with the kids, there are options available. Beaches® is the brand for kid-friendly resorts in the Caribbean that are part of the Sandals® family. Ask us for more information!

Sandals® is the vacation for you!

Only when you visit for yourself can you really appreciate the amazing experience that’s staying on a Sandals® resort.

Time and time again, we’ve sent couples on their first vacation to a Sandals® resort and they’ve come back only to contact us to book again.

If you go, you won’t regret it! It’s truly a vacation experience that exceeds expectations.

As always, with Sandals®, luxury is included!

Sandals Halcyon Beach St. Lucia - Travel Time AZ

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